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The Simplest ways to make the best of Harkidoon Trek

It is one of the oldest treks in India. When you talk about this trek being one of the oldest trek, it actually has a reason because this trek is also known as the valley of gods. There is a reason to it because the locals believes that the Pandavas, in those times, they had done this route and they had gone into the gate of heavens, via this route. There is also a peak, termed as Swargarohini. So, Swargarohini peak is actually spotted from a couple of campsites on this particular trek. One of the other reasons why this trek is also attracting a lot of people all around the world is the fact that there are some villages and also a couple of temples in the entire trail that are somewhere two and a half thousand to 3000 years old. The beautiful wooden houses that are made, those architectural marvels are there on the trek. Even the locals are very welcoming. So, when you go towards their houses they are welcoming and they will call you inside and show you the place around it. It a very beautiful experience to have this trek.

when you are talking about reaching the Har Ki Dun itself there is a campsite called Kalkatiyadhar. The moment you get into it, with every step you can actually feel the valley widening. You can see the Har Ki Dun river flowing right from the top, in front of you, it goes towards the right side. That itself has a very beautiful view. On the right hand side there is another side of the valley that is going another side, left is going some where else, but that in front of you, standing straight and tall is the Har Ki Dun peak itself.

The entire camping ground is actually if you trek in the winter its going to be entire white and the peak in front of you is going to be snow covered, snow-capped, half places in browns and pits. If you go in the summers it will be lush green and it will be a completely different experience altogether. So, it is a multi season trek as well, we can say. This is one trek that has to be on the to-do list of many trekkers. It is not difficult when I talk about ascends or descends but it is a long trek with lot of fun and experience for lot of trekkers.

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