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Jakhol-Devkyara Trek Declared "The Trek of The Year - 2019"

Devkyara Bugyal Mori Uttarkashi declared Trek of the Year
Devkyara Bugyal, Credit: Sh. Ganga Singh Rawat, Social Worker (Jakhol)

Uttarakhand is known as Dev Bhoomi, you can also say that it is the land of God, then only such miracles of nature exist in Uttarakhand, which is impossible for humans to imagine. In the Mori block of Uttarkashi district, there is a tourist place called Devkayra which is world-famous for its natural beauty, thousands of native foreign tourists come to visit Devkayra every year, Tourism Department Uttarakhand has declared Devkyara trek as 'The Trek of the Year 2019'. This tourist place is not only famous for tourism but it is also the center of faith of the local people. A large number of people come to participate in the fair organized here. This tourist place is made up of alpine meadows, there is also a dense pine forest on the way, the locals congregate here during the fair. Black bears, wild boar, and baboon animals are often seen during the visit to the tourist place. The state bird Monal of Uttarakhand can also be seen here.

Devkyara Bugyal Mori Uttarkashi declared Trek of the Year
22 Villages Fair at Devkyara, Sh. Ganga Singh Rawat, Social Worker (Jakhol)

Devkaira is situated in the Supin Range of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, and is situated at an altitude of about 4100 meters above sea level. Devkaira trek starts from village Jakhol, tourists reach village Jakhol easily by bus. After Jakhol, there is a place called Bancha on a route of about 4 kilometers from where the road goes through the pine forests. After a few hours' walk, Bugyal starts, from where snow-capped mountains begin to appear. One can see views of the snow-capped peaks all around on the Devkayra trek. After this, some journey passes through the glacier of snow, then finally the grasslands of Devkayra are seen.

You will feel a different world here in Devkayra, here you will get a chance to adjust between the immense peace apart from the noise of the world. Devakyara is heaven for the nature lovers.
Devkyara Bugyal Mori Uttarkashi declared Trek of the Year
Bharam Kamal  Flowers, Sh. Ganga Singh Rawat, Social Worker (Jakhol)
Bhram kamal :- This is the flower which is found in Devkyara, This flower has religious significance among the people. Here people can easily be seen Bharamkamal planted on their cap.
Devkyara Trek Declared "The Trek of The Year - 2019"
Munal Bird (Credit: Sh.Ganga Singh Rawat, Social Worker village Jakhol)

Munal : It is a colorful bird found in the high Himalayas. This bird has the status of state bird of Uttarakhand. You can also see this bird during Devakayra trek.

Devkyara Bugyal Mori Uttarkashi declared Trek of the Year
Flower Feilds at Jairai Thach (Sh. Ganga Singh Rawat, Social Worker (Jakhol)

Valley of Flower : Apart from the big grasslands, you will also see fields full of flowers that will fascinate you, during Devakayra trek, such views will be found waiting at every turn to remove your fatigue.


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