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7 Tips for your Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

7 Tips for your Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The wonderful what on the iPhone is the capability for the proprietor to customize the apparatus to his or her own tastes. iPhone became the most searched on search engines with individuals clamouring to find applications which are being developed. These add more functionality adding features to the repertoire of capabilities and attributes. Additionally, there are suggestions and hints surfacing which could increase the day to enjoyment and day functioning of the iPhone. This is helpful when using safari and generates the bigger on screen keyboard for data entry. Rotate the iPhone before tapping the address bar. Doing this will bring up the horizontal screen keyboard for typing that is faster and accurate.
7 Tips for your Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

To check the remaining balance and or voice minutes do the following. Your provider will then send the info via SMS. It change to blue and stay in manner until the key it tapped against a time. Apple urges that to restart in this event of this iPhone locking the best alternative is to maintain the Home button. In several cases this won't work and the iPhone will stay frozen. Try holding the home and on off buttons simultaneously for at least twelve seconds. This reboots the unit when the technique fails. It could be difficult without scrolling the page to scroll the segment if you experience a list.
7 Tips for your Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

In India holding an iPhone has become status symbol, you can see a variety of iPhone Starting from 39000 (iPhone 7 Plus) to 1,42,000 (Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB), iphone 6s is also a cheapest choice for iPhone lovers its price is around 30,000 having 32 GB storage.  Apple iPhone x price in India is starting approximately Rs. 89000 to 1,02,000 varying by the storage choice from 64 GB to 256 GB.  Here Is a list you can make idea of the price of iphone in India :

iPhone Models Price in India.

iPhone XS 64GB                     Rs. 89,900
iPhone XS 256GB                   Rs. 1,03,900
iPhone XR 64GB                     Rs. 49,900
iPhone XR 128GB                   Rs. 54,900
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB                Rs. 49,900
iPhone 8 64GB                        Rs. 39,900
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB                Rs. 37,900
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB              Rs. 42,900
iPhone 7 32GB                        Rs. 29,900
iPhone 7 128GB                      Rs. 34,900

7 Tips for your Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Tips and tricks regarding the battery life of your iPhone:-

Improvement of Battery life tips and tricks for Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone8 and iPhone X.

Turn off the Location Services:

Location services in iPhone also drain your battery life, but turning off the location service is not a good idea, but you can select the programs and services that can access your location this can also be useful for extending the battery life of your iPhone.
How to fix Location services of your iPhone:- Go to your iPhone Setting then Privacy and then Location Services. Click Share My Location, leave this option on if you want to share your location with your friends. Scroll down to System Services. clear all the default options because most of these send your data for research on the cost of your battery life, your iPhone will continue working properly without these options on. Turn on the Emergency SOS, Find by iPhone option on to locate your iPhone in case of missing it, Turn off the Motion calibration & Distance. Go to Significant Location and turn it off, also turn off all the options under Product Improvement options. These options are only for iPhone research for product improvement, that drain your battery life.

Close unnecessary apps on your iPhone:- 

Apps that crash in background can also consume a lot of battery it can also make your iPhone Hot.
How to fix:- Tap to the home button where iPhone app switcher is located. This allows you to see all apps stored in the memory. here you can see all the running apps. you can close the unnecessary apps by dragging them to the top. Closing the unnecessary apps may increase your battery life. You can also watch the apps that are not responding or crashing in analytics Data which is located in SettingàPrivacyàAnalytics. here you can find all the crashed apps under Latest Crash. 

Turning off Notification:- 

Unnecessary Notifications may also consume battery life, Turning on the Notification means to let the application run in the background and notify you about the massages and upgrades. We should allow only the important apps to give notification.
Fix Notification :- Go to your iPhone Setting and then Notifications, here you will find all the application with notification on or off. Here select only those apps to notify you which you think are important. To turn off the notification of any app tap to the name of the app and switch turn off.

Restarting your iPhone:- 

Restarting you iPhone may resolve most of the battery issues, it will close all the crashed apps running in the background. You can simply turn off your iPhone by holding the power button until you see the power off option.

Instant Mail to your iPhone. :- 

There is an option to set your mail as a push mail. it means your iPhone continuously track your mail, every time your iPhone is asking the server if there is a mail, continuously asking for mail means connecting to the mail server, this result to exhaust your battery very fast. This setting can be changed to extend the battery life. You can save battery life by letting your iPhone not to check mail every time you can set it to every 15 minutes. 
To Fix Push Mail:-  Go to setting option then Account and Passwords then Fetch New Data, Then turn off the Push option at the Top of screen. Scroll to the bottom and select every 15 Minutes under Fetch option.

Turn on your Auto-Lock:- 

Letting the iPhone Auto-Lock also prevent battery from draining. To make Auto-Lock on go to the setting then Display & Brightness-Auto Lock and select the time you can leave your iPhone on before it goes into the sleep.

Disable 3D Wallpapers or other visual effects of your iPhone:-

The Graphic processing Unit of your iPhone consumes a lot of battery. you can make some change to extend the battery life of your phone. Go the General option in setting then Accessibility and then Reduce Motion and turn it on. By this setting, you will save a huge amount of battery life. 

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